Swordsman’s Shirt

This cotton shirt features an authentic pattern from the Elizabethan era and a fitted, narrow cuff. Available in black, white or purple.

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There”s no billowy cuff here to interfere with serious parry and thrust. Notice the fitted, narrow cuff; this shirt is designed to best suit a swordsman for battle. At the height of its popularity, from 1500-1600, gentlemen frequently wore this shirt outside the pants, highlighted with a colorful sash. We drew our inspiration for this authentic pattern from the Elizabethan era.

100% cotton

  • Top Quality Garment, Very Authentic Look
  • Great for Medieval and Renaissance Fairs
  • Non-billowy Sleeves are great for Swordfighting
  • Very versatile piece, goes with many different looks


  • Black
  • White
  • Purple


  • M-L-XL
  • XXL
SIZES Chest Length Sleeve Length
M 40/42″ 34,5″ 30,5″
L 40/46″ 35,5″ 31,3″
XL 46/48″ 35,8″ 31,5″
XXL 50/52″ 36,8″ 32″


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Additional information

Color - Colour - Farbe

Blanco/White/Weiß, Morado/Purple/Lila, Negro/Black/Schwarz

Talla - Size - Größe



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