Richard Lionheart Tunic

Richard Lionheart Tunic

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Richard The Lion Heart, the second Plantagenet King of England, was benefactor of the Order of The Templars and a magnate of it, so much that his personal escort were composing by Templar Knight and that to his dead say he was dressed in the habit of the same ones.

Richard was called Lion-Heart at the beginning of the third Crusade when Philip of France was compared with a lamb and Richard with a lion. He convinced his officers in Winchester, around the “round table” of have belonged to King Arthur´s legend and having the magic sword Excalibur.
Richard was a generous knight and a wise politician, but above all a great soldier. His own personal ability was a source of inspiration for his men in battle.

  • This royal tunic is worthy of the great king Richard I of England, known as Coeur de Lion and leader of the Third Crusades.
  • Made of rich, red cotton velvet, this lined surcoat sports the three lions coat of arms richly appliqued to the front.
  • Faux leather on the collar and short over-sleeves complete this tunic.
  • Quartered with splits in the front and back as well as both sides provide ease of movement for fighting or riding.



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