Knights of Calatrava Banner

Knights of Calatrava Banner, 103×68 cm

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Military – religious Order been founded on Castile, on the XIIth century, for the Abbot Don Raimundo de Fitero, with the initial aim to protect Calatrava Villa (near the current Ciudad Real). To the death of the Abbot, the new grand master, Don García adopted the Cistercian rule and the Pope recognized the same year the order.
In the year 1212, Calatrava Order was one of the most powerful of Castile. From 1254, the Monarch influenced the election of the Grand Masters and from 1476 he took the direct control of the Order.
Calatrava Cross, emblem of the Order is a Greek cross of gules with fluer-de-lises in the tops.

  • 103 x 68 cm
  • Black Banner.
  • Decorated with a Red Calatrava Cross.


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