Knights of St. James Banner

Knights of St. James Banner, 110×70 cm

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Following the example of the Templar Knights, about the year 1158, a group of thirteen Castilian Knights decided to do vote of protecting the pilgrims who were going to Santiago de Compostela.

Some years later, in 1171, the knights decided to take monastic votes under San Agustin´s rules, and later they obtain the recognition of the Pope Alejandro III.

Their purposes were exclusively military having their headquarters in Montalbán (Aragón)

The Knights of Santiago only admitted nobles into their brotherhood.

From the middle of the XIIIth century the Crown was intervening directly in the appointment of the grand masters and from 1485 the Order Grand Master was the king.

  • 110 x 70 cm / 44 x 28 inches
  • White banner
  • Decorated with two Red St. James Crosses.


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