Ertzaintza Saber

Ertzaintza Saber, 105 cm/41 inches

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Ertzaintza Saber


Ertzaintza is the autonomous police of the Basque Country, created in 1982 by Lendakari Carlos Garaikoetxea in development of the Statute of Guernica. Its origin as a police officer of the Basque Country is located in the old municipal militias to stop a banditry favored by social and political convulsions.

It is one of the four Spanish forces and security forces of an autonomous nature, together with the Catalan Mozos de Escuadra, the Foral Police of Navarra and the Canary Police.

In 1982, a prototype of a Grand Gala uniform, post-Napoleonic, was made, inspired by those uniforms used by the “Chasseurs D’Orleans” of the 1840s by French troops. Subsequently it is modified by giving a line similar to General Zumalakarregi’s coat, but playing in its composition of colors, green, red and silver.

The image of this garment, is of great presidency and solemnity, singled out in the bodies of Great Honors, for its colorfulness, distinction and packaging.

The accessories of the uniform are: Txapela, gloves, shoulder strap, saber and neck.

It is a slightly curved blade saber with inscriptions on the blade: on the one hand, ERTZAINA 1982 and on the other, ARABA, BIZKAIA, GIPUZKOA, LAPURDI, NAFARROA, ZUBEROA. All adorned with banners and floral patterns. It is complemented by a knot with a red cord and colored fringes.

It is completed with a curved metal sheath with two rings for fastening to the belt.

  • Length: 105 cm / 41 inches

Manufactured by Bermejo®



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