Sword “Model 1844” Guardia Civil Officer

Sword “Model 1844” Guardia Civil Officer, 105 cm/41 inches

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Sword «Model 1844» Guardia Civil Officer


This Model 1844 Mounting sword is included within the Spanish Weapons group where the Shield flanked by the initials G.C. reproduces the emblem of a Corps, with a garnish of three hawks made specifically for Civil Guard Officers.

The “1844 model riding sword for Civil Guard Officer” was one of the first white weapons of the Civil Guard Corps manufactured in the prestigious White Weapons Factory of Toledo.

The use of the riding sword was complemented by that of the girdle in walking acts.

Straight blade with channels and round spine in its first third while in the other two thirds, it has two edges to the tip.

Brass handle with runner, ferrule and handguard with hoop, three hawks and the national shield among the initials “GC” of the Institute. The grip is wired

It has metal sheath and two clamps with their corresponding rings for fastening to the belt.

  • Total length 105 cm / 41 inches

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