Alexander The Great Sword

Alexander The Great Sword, Heroes and Civilization Collection, 71 cm/28 inches


Alexander The Great Sword


Alexander III of Macedonia, nicknamed Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia, born July 21 of 356 b.C. conqueror of the Persian Empire. Alexander the Great considered to be the maximum political figure of the Antiquity, great military strategist and creator of a work of great cultural importance, is known as one of the most brilliant general of the history, beside being a brave military man he was planning his campaigns with great brilliancy, since very early age he showed great interest for the Persian Empire and its functioning, as well as for the invasion of the Persian ones on Macedonia. It faced the powerful Persian army commanded by Darío III in Iso’s battle in 333 B.C. obtaining a great victory and the Persian king fled eastward with all his forces, leaving in Alejandro’s hands the Royal treasure, Phoenicia, Palestine and Egypt submitted without offering resistance. He was designated son of the God Amon and he founded Alexandria and stimulated the construction of the Faro of Alexandria.

In 327 B.C. had conquered an empire that was spreading from Greece up to Asia Minor and the India. He realized a victorious campaign of more than 32.000 kilometres that it lasted 11 years.



  • Special finish with damasquinado decorations.
  • Inox AISI 420 Blade.
  • Acid etching in black and gold.
  • Overall: 71 cm/28 inches
  • Blade Length: 56 cm
  • Weight: 1,8 kg


High Quality Sword of the exclusive Collection “Heroes and Civilizations” made by Marto
Certificate of Origin and Quality, “Made in Toledo” (Spain)



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