Roland Sword

Roland Sword, Durendal, 117 cm


Roland Sword


Roland – His memory has been kept in the memory of History and epic, thanks to the Roncesvalles battle (August 15th, 778). The Charlemagne’s troops, coming back from the siege of Zaragoza, suffered in the pirenaic pass of Roncesvalles an attack from the vascue tribes helped by moors. The narrowness of the pass and weight of their weapons favoured the success of this attack on the Carolingian rearguard.

In this tragic event Roland died, but legend took him into the memory of literature (Chanson de Roland, Roland stat, Orlando Furioso, etc.) as the hero, who faced 100.000 Saracens with his magic sword “Durendal”, a personal present from his lord Charlemagne, and his horn “Oliphant”.

Legends say that with a blow of Durendal, he opened a pass on the Pyrenees, known today as “Bréche de Roland”.


  • Overall: 117 cm
  • Blade Lenght: 94 cm
  • Width: 21 cm
  • Weight: 2,4 kg


High Quality Sword from the Exclusive Collection “Historical, Fantastic and Legend Swords” made by MARTO
Certificate of Origin and Quality. Made in Toledo, Spain



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