Made In Toledo

The City of Toledo, in collaboration with the University of Castilla la Mancha and our Swordsmith Association, after a long period of hard work, has developed the brand “MADE IN TOLEDO”, so that from this moment consumers around the world have the confidence to buy authentic and legitimate products manufactured in Toledo, secured by this mark, which certifies the origin and quality. Marto Group companies, with the right to use this brand, fully shares this strong and courageous decision, directly supports and unconditional defense the protection of our traditional crafts Toledo, and the rights of consumers in such a wat that we want to contribute and effectively bind all the nobles and merchants and professional experts in our industry, indisputable promoters of Toledo’s crafts, who have managed to place it first in the world, through their magnificent and personlized exhibitions, friendly and detailed information, and vocational knowledge, unparalleled career of our city, of our history, our art and craft.