Toledo Swords: Made In Toledo

It is growing in our market the presence of SWORDS from other countries that are presented, offered and sold by some unscrupulous traders as authentic swords made ​​in Toledo, hiding to the consumer the true country of origin, thus benefitting unlawfully and disloyal of our quality, fame and universal the prestige that swords made ​​in Toledo (Spain) have gained traditionally. This intolerable and unfair in practice causes great confusion consumers before you make your purchase and provoke a big disappointment , anger, helplessness and frustration in their expectations for those who check with surprise that the “Sword of Toledo”, is not made in Toledo, thus lacking the quality and warranty that it is expected, and its value is not coinciding of course with the price paid for it. This fraudulent exercise practiced by some traders acting with a total absence of professional ethics in the specialized field causes the following negative effects in the swordsmith sector: 1. A great deterioration and loss of reputation and prestige undisputed that Toledo swordmaking has worldwide, being the flagship of Spanish craftsmanship . 2. A notable and undeserved loss of image and credibility for the rest of nobles and recognized professionals in this specialized sector thanks to responsible and serious work of many years enjoyed a recognized and well-earned international reputation. 3. An intolerable breach of trust to our visitors, consumers around the world, whom suggested and recommended by these unfair professionals, and interested in acquiring the famous and coveted Sword of Toledo, their expectations are frustrated when they realize that what they bought is not what they wanted to purchase. Therefore we feel the obligation and need to publicly reject THE UNFAIR COMPETENCE that TOLEDO’S SWORDMAKINGS are suffering, AND THE NOBLE TRADE IN GENERAL, for this MINORITY, and therefore to equally intolerable FRAUD suffering by the Universal CONSUMER, who confident visite Spain and the receive the negative impact that, as indirect advertising mode, cause these facts in our industry worldwide . Consequently we call the cooperation TO REQUEST COOPERATION TO REMOVE THIS UNFAIR COMPETITION AWAY, that has being done so much damage, that is essential to MAKE ADEQUATE INFORMATION CAMPAIGN TO HELP CONSUMERS NOT TO FALL IN ERRORS AND CONFUSION AT THE TIME OF ACQUIRING, AND FOR THAT PURPOSE REQUIRE THE CRAFTSMAN PRODUCT SELLER THE STANDING “CERTIFICATE (WARRANTY) OF ORIGIN” bringing the VOIDANCE AND TO THE EXTENT POSSIBLE, OF SCAMS AND FRAUDS.
Marto ® certifies that all SWORDS, stamped with the seal ” Marto ® -Toledo “, are designed, developed and manufactured in Toledo, Spain, by our valued and recognized artists, artisans and master swordmakers who masterfully combine the timeless tradition Toledo swordmaking Toledo with the most modern and advanced techniques, ensuring unparalleled exclusive Toledo’s item, with its quality and tradition, which everyone knows and recognizes as Product Marto ®.
Article 13 of Law 26/84, ensures accurate, effective and sufficient information on the essential characteristics of the products or services made available to the consumer and user : Also listed below, without limitation, the various points on which has to relate this information:
  1. Origin, nature, composition and purpose .
  2. Authorized additives, if incorporated with .
  3. Quality, quantity, grade or usual name or business