Stiklestad Viking Sword

Stiklestad Viking Sword, 37″

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Stiklestad Viking Sword


The Battle of Stiklestad was the final battle of St. Olaf. This was old school warfare, with two hosts meeting face-to-face and sword-to-sword. It was a brutal, bloody and deadly fight, and in the end the mighty Olaf fell. Gaining a lot of fame for his exploits, he was eventually canonized as St. Olaf. Made from high carbon steel by the sword is a beautifully balanced and highly effective weapon. Capable of both cutting and thrusting, it is also a delight to the eye. Pommel and guard are tastefully decorated with copper. Leather covered wood grip.

Stiklestad Viking Sword comes with scabbard.

  • Overall: 37” “
  • Blade: 31″ Length, 2″ Width, 3/16″ Thickness
  • Weight: 2 lb 12 oz
  • Material: 1065 High Carbon Steel

Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®


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