Early Scottish Dirk

This replica of an early dirk features a 1055 high carbon steel blade. Hardwood handle carved with a chevron style pattern copied from an original of circa 1550. Scabbard included. Overall length 21 inches. Comes factory sharp.

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Early Scottish Dirk


This style dirk is a direct descendant of the medieval ballock dagger. The grip form began to change, probably sometime in the late 16th century, but soon developed a form that was purely Scottish. The blade was long and single-edged. Made to use alone, with a shield and sword, or just with a basket-hilt claymore. We have replicated an early version of the dirk. The hardwood handle is carved with a chevron like pattern copied from an original of the same time period. For those with a serious interest in the Highlands, this is a must for any collection. Steel: 1055 High Carbon.

Includes scabbard.

  • Overall Length: 21″
  • Blade Length: 14-7/8″, Blade Width: 1-3/4″, Blade Thickness: 3/16″
  • Weight: 1 lb

Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®


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