Roman Centurion Helmet – Red Crest

Roman Centurion Helmet – Red Crest, 39 cm

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Roman Centurion Helmet – Red Crest


The Roman Centurion Helmet with Red Crested is inspired by the classic legionnaire’s helmet of the Roman Empire.

With earmuffs, a front bar, brass decorations and an open face, this helmet does not reduce visibility or protection. The helmet is reinforced with brass plating around the cheek guards and forehead, and is embossed with brass floral rivets. A red plume has been added to the crest of this helmet, creating a particularly imposing silhouette.

For a perfect fit, it has leather straps under the chin.

Made of 18 gauge steel with brass trim.


  • Protector for ears, metallic band for eyebrows and uncovered face
  • Reinforced with brass liners
  • Embellished with floral rivets
  • Red plume on the crest
    • Height: 39 cm
    • Weight: 2.400 g
    • Material: 18 gauge steel


Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®


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