The Cardinal’s Guard Tabard

This blood red Tabard is made of cotton velvet with an antique gold rayon lining. Has embroidered crosses with fleur-de-lis on chest and sleeves. One size fits most. Dry clean only. Pair with Musketeer shirt for the ultimate look.

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The Cardinal´s Guard Tabard

The elite guard of the infamous Cardinal Richelieu wore this tabard as a sign of his office. This blood red tabard is manufactured of heavy red cotton velvet with an antique gold rayon lining. Embroidered silver and gold crosses with fleur-de-lis are on both chest and sleeves. Looks great with our Musketeer shirt #100512, Suede Musketeer Hat #201224 and Leather Left Eye #802855

Dry clean only.

  • Made of Heavy Red Cotton Velvet And Gold Rayon Lining
  • Embroidered Crosses Of Chest And Sleeves


  • Red


  • One size fits most



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