Double Strap Leather Belt

Double Strap Leather Belt, 40″

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This durable belt is made of heavy leather. Features steel hardware. 40 inches long. This belt is for your rapier or broadsword; made of heavy leather it will give you years of wear. This large black belt is 40″ long and can be cut for smaller sizes. It has steel hardware and will accommodate scabbards 2″ wide down to 1-1/4″. The leather straps can be independently moved along the swords scabbard to change the angle to whatever suits you best. The straps are sized using Chicago screws which allow the loops to be easily adjusted to fit your swords scabbard. *Sword not included

  • Overall: 40″
  • It will accommodate scabbards 2″ wide down to 1-1/4″

Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®


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